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Study guide for ANS 121 1st Midterm Spring 2012

Be familiar with the introductory materials and be able to describe the following for Beef, Dairy, and Swine (note: only be concerned with what was presented in class, and relevant book material. If the Swine lectures were not concluded, only the topics presented in class will be on the exam.) Some topics may not fit all species.

Informational priorities: 1. Lecture notes are most important – PowerPoint and discussion during lecture 2. Lab notebook information and discussion 3. Text book – read corresponding chapters

1. Domestication events: “Wild” species that gave rise to the domestic livestock in question What are they? When and where did the domestication occur? What was the purpose of the domestication? What were the circumstances, if any, involved with domestication? Which became or can become feral?

2. Spread of domestic animals in the world and the US Who brought them to the US and when? What were the events leading to the spread of these animals in geographic terms? What events lead to breed selection?

3. Industry What are the most important breeds used today in industry and at OSU? Why are they used? What are some of the important purposes or uses of these animals in the past and today? Where is the industry located in the US and Oregon (in general) Major events that improved production Favorable and unfavorable aspects of production

4. Production management items Breeding calendar? Estrus or production cycles? Gestation or incubation periods? Fecundity – Offspring production Methods, AI or Live cover and why Milking process, lighting for hens Open cows, Dry cows

Care of young Feeding, Environment, Temperature, etc. Weaning Management items ID, Tail docking, castration, beak trimming, dehorning etc. Management of animal from birth or hatch to market. (just the high points) Feeding, facilities, production