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Is college worth the cost? This is a question asked by nearly every student as they come to deciding the next step of their future. In the debate, many have pointed to decreased job and financial security, coupled with increased college tuition, as big arguments against the value of a college education. But some still insist that college is an experience worth having, for both personal and professional reasons. Ultimately, the question of whether college is worth it depends on the individual – and his or her goals. As college costs continue to increase and jobs are harder to find, the worth of college is indeed debatable, but something that all students should take advantage of if given the opportunity.
Students who receive a college education raise the opportunity of economic success in the future. With a college education and degree, students are more likely to find a better paying job than those who didn’t go to college. In Christopher Caldwell’s “What A College Education Buys,” it is stated that a 30-year-old college graduate earns over 50 percent more than a 30-year-old high school graduate (Caldwell, 214). This statistic proves that a college education can be economically beneficial in the end.
In addition to education being beneficial to students, it is also desired by the society to make it healthier and safer. Education will be advantageous to those who strive to do their best in their college and high school years. More education will result with a higher likelihood of a positive consequence for the student’s lives and society, as well.
For students receiving scholarships, grants, financial aid, etc., the cost of college is not as much of a worry compared to students who do not receive such benefits. Even with these benefits, students and their parents still struggle with paying the full cost of college each year. Without these benefits, students are faced paying college costs out-of-pocket, which is unrealistic in almost any case. After paying five to six digits to go to college and receive a degree for an average-paying job, the worth is even more debatable.
How do we bring down the costs of college? Financial support for college students is a fine source, but it does nothing to slow down the price of tuition. If we want schools to do