Industrialization Through Progressive Era

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Unit 2 Test
[Industrialization through Progressive Era]

Why did people in America migrate from the rural areas to urban areas?
Mechanized farming machines created less need of people to work on the farms, so less pay and demand for workers. People then moved to the city in search of high wages and jobs.

What was Upton Sinclair’s book, The Jungle, about?
The book exposed unsanitary conditions of The Meat packing industry in Chicago. The novel depicted the poor quality of food preparation and the work ethics within the plant.

What was the Progressive movement?
Progressivism was not a tightly organized political movement with a specific set of reforms. Instead, it was a collection of different ideas and activities. Progressives had different views about how to fix the problems that existed in American Society. (like child labor and corruption)
It was not a tightly organized political movement with a specific set of reforms, but rather a collection of different ideas and activities.
Industrialization and urbanization cause social problems
Wanted to fix society
Believed gov should become more active
Reaction against laissez-faire and unregulated market = can't address society's problems
Gov needed reform to fix society's problem
Faith in science and technology, could fix society's problem. It made light bulb, telephone, etc.
Focused on temperance,child labor laws, health and safety codes, regulating big business.

Where did the majority of the immigrant come from around the 1880s? 1910?
1800s: Northwestern Europe (49 %), Eastern and Southern Europe (27 %), Etc. (24 %)
1910: Northwestern Europe (16 %), Eastern and Southern Europe (73 %), Etc. (11 %)

What is the significance of Ellis Island and Angel Island?
Ellis Island was the checkpoint for the immigrants coming into New York and represented hope for a better life and opportunity to the Immigrants. (Most Europeans)
Angel Island was revered as the “Ellis Island of the WEST” in the San Francisco Bay which served the same purpose. (Most Asians, Chinese)
(These islands determines whether an immigrant is useful for living in the states. They were subjects to many tests and if the immigrants failed; they would be sent back to their country.)

What was life like for Chinese immigrants? What law was passed to restrict immigrants from coming to America?
Life for Chinese Immigrants was a scramble for survival full of persecution (racism) and only through decades of struggles did they make a place for themselves in the nation. The Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882. The act barred Chinese immigration for ten years and prevented the Chinese in the country from becoming citizens.

What are assembly lines and what do they do for production/number of laborers?
An efficient new system in which parts are added to a product in sequential order to create a finished product faster than handicraft work. They increased production and gave new employment opportunities to the immigrants and required next to no experience to do but was often in unsafe environments.

What amendments were passed during the Progressive Era?
16th: Allowed the government to lay and collect an income tax regardless of source
17th: Allowed direct election of Senators.
18th: Prohibited the import, export, transport, manufacture or sale of alcohol
19th: Gave women the right to