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Meteorology: scientific study of the atmosphere and atmospheric phenomena; study of weather
Weather: the state of the atmosphere at any time
Climate: description of aggregate weather conditions; sum of all of the statistical weather information that helps describe a place or region
Aerosols: tiny solid and liquid particles suspended in the atmosphere

1. List the major gases of the atmosphere.

* Nitrogen, oxygen

2. List the trace gases of the atmosphere.

* Carbon dioxide, argon; all except nitrogen and oxygen

3. What are variable gases? List the variable gases of the atmosphere. Which one is the greatest in size? How are variable gases different from trace gases?

* Variable gases are atmospheric gases whose concentrations vary through time. * Carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, ozone * Water vapor is the greatest variable gas. * Variable gases vary in amount from place to place and over time.

4. What is the most important non-gaseous component of the atmosphere?

* Aerosols, because they act as a surface on which water vapor can condense to form clouds and fog as well as absorb or reflect incoming solar radiation

5. List the layers of the thermal structure of the atmosphere. Describe how the temperature varies within each of these layers.

* Thermosphere: as altitude increases, so does the temperature; temperature can reach more than 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, but does not feel hot * Mesosphere: as altitude