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Study Guide for Exam 1

Chapter 1: (questions 1-8)

Understand the various HR practices (Figure 1.1 on page 2)

Understand the term human capital

Understand the responsibilities of an HR department (Table 1.1 on page 5)

Know the qualities employers seek from job applicants (Table 1.2 on page 8)

Know the important skills of a HR professional (Figure 1.3 on page 13)

Understand the importance of ethics in HR (employee rights and ethical standards)

Chapter 2: (questions 9-20)

Be aware of the various trends about the changing workforce (diversity, aging, motivations, skill deficiencies)…..(Figures 2.1 and 2.2)

Understand the changes in the nature of work and the use of high performing teams

Understand various concepts, such as outsourcing, intellectual capital, knowledge workers, empowerment, balance scorecard, learning organizations, workplace flexibility, work systems

Understand the importance of strategic issues and the HR function (Figure 2.4 on page 38)…understand the following concepts: TQM, mergers/acquisitions, reengineering, international expansion, downsizing, outsourcing

Understand the concept of E-business and the HR challenges in this high-tech environment

Understand the term psychological contract, and the importance of flexibility in the workforce…understand the differences between an independent contractor, on-call worker, temp worker, and contract worker

Chapter 3: (questions 21-37)

Know the 6 laws we’ve discussed (Table 3.1 on page 59). They include: 1. Civil Rights Act of 1964, 2. Equal Pay Act, 3. Age Discrimination Act, 4. ADA, 5. Civil Rights Act of 1991, and 6. OSHA. I also want you to know a little bit about the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. Basically, it applies to both men and women and allows up to 12 weeks (unpaid) of leave for serious medical issues and pregnancy.

Understand the 3 branches of gov’t (executive, legislative, and judicial) and what each branch is responsible for.

Know the role of the EEOC (main responsibilities)…know the rights of individuals and the time frame they have to file suits…understand the EEO-1 form…know the types of charges investigated by the EEOC

Understand the 3 types of discrimination...understand BFOQ…understand the importance of standard deviation and the 4/5 rule in determining disparate impact

Know Affirmative Action

Understand what constitutes sexual harassment (3 issues)

Understand workplace safety, including employees’ rights, OSHA, and penalties for violations.

Chapter 4: (questions 38-50)

Understand workflow