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Study Guide
Chapter 1
History and Opportunities

1. Define Cosmetology. The art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, nails, & hair. And the study of cosmetics and their application. 2. What was the Egyptians part in the beauty industry? List some of the items they used to create makeup. They were the first to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion & the use of cosmetics as part of beautification habits, religious ceremonies & preparing for burial. – Minerals, berries, henna, and insects. 3. What did the Chinese use to color their nails during the Shang Dynasty? Rubbed a tinted mixture of gum, Arabic, gelatin, beeswax, & egg whites. 4. What did Greek women use on their faces? White lead powder, kohl on their eyes, ground cinnabar on cheeks & lips. 5. What were the Roman women known for making? A mixture of chalk & white lead to powder their complexions & hair color to show status. 6. What is The Middle Age Period and why is it important to the beauty industry? European history between classical antiquity & the renaissance beginning with the downfall of Rome. – Many tapestries, sculptures, and other artifacts from this period show towering headdresses, intricate hairstyles, and the use of cosmetics on the skin and hair. 7. Describe the Renaissance period. Both men and women wore elaborate clothing. Fragrances and cosmetics were used, although highly colored preparations for the lips, cheeks, eyes and nails were discouraged. 8. How did women care for their nails during the Victorian Age? Nails were tinted with red oil and then buffed with a chamois cloth. 9. What company did Eugene Schueller develop? What year? L’Oreal developed in 1907. 10. What milestone took place for the beauty industry in the 1920’s? Describe. The cosmetic industry grew exponentially. 11. What company marketed the first nail polish? What year did this occur? 1932- Charles Revson. 12. When was the first tube of mascara