Study Guide Questions: A Separate Peace Essay

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Chapter 1
1. Where did the narrator return to? How long had passed since he had been there last?
2. What two places does the narrator go to visit?
3. What summer does most of the action take place?
4. What did Phineas want to do? Why?
5. Who completed the activity?
6. Describe the relationship between the narrator and Phineas.
Chapter 2
1. What happens with Phineas and Mr. Prud’homme?
2. Why is the faculty more indulgent with these boys?
3. What is Phineas’ emblem?
4. What happens at the traditional tea?
5. Why is the narrator disappointed by these events?
6. What happens when the two boys go out on the branch together?
7. What society do they form?
Chapter 3
1. How often does the society meet? How do all meetings begin?
2. What is blitz ball? Who creates this and makes up the rules?
3. What happens at the pool? What does the narrator want to do about that? How does Finny react?
4. How do the boys get to the beach? How long does it take?
5. What activities do they partake in while at the beach?
6. What does Finny tell the narrator while on the beach?
Chapter 4
1. What happens to the narrator when he returns to school?
2. What is the narrator’s goal for his school career?
3. What does the narrator think that Finny feels about this goal?
4. What does the narrator believe that Finny is doing to him?
5. What does the narrator dedicate himself to?
6. How do Finny and the narrator compare academically and athletically?
7. What does Finny say will happen the night before the French final exam?
8. How does the narrator react to the meeting? What does Finny tell him to do and why?
9. What does the narrator realize about himself and Finny?
10. What does Finny want to do that night at the tree?
11. What happens that night?
Chapter 5
1. What happened to Finny? How does the narrator feel?
2. What does the narrator do one evening when dressing for dinner?
3. What does the doctor tell him about Finny’s condition?
4. How does the narrator react to this news?
5. What does Finny remember about that night in the tree?
6. What does the narrator want to tell Finny? Does he?
7. What does the narrator do when he is passing through Boston on his way back to Devon?
8. What does he tell Finny? How does Finny react? What does the narrator say to try to make things better?
Chapter 6
1. Who is Brinker Hadley?
2. Who is Quackenbush? What happens between him and the narrator? What causes this to happen?
3. What happens when the narrator returns from this adventure?
4. Why did the narrator decide to be assistant crew manager?
5. How does Finny react to this news? What does he tell the narrator that he will be doing when Finny returns?
Chapter 7
1. What does Brinker say that upsets the narrator (Gene)? Is he serious?
2. What happens when the boys go to the Butt room?
3. How does Gene handle this confrontation?
4. What is one of the things the boys do to help out due to the war effort? What is another thing that they did?
5. Who does Gene meet on his way to the train? What is this person doing?
6. After working at the railroad, what does Brinker announce? What does Gene decide? What happens to change those plans?
Chapter 8
1. How does Finny react to Brinker’s question?
2. What does Finny want to do on his first day back on campus?
3. Where do they go?
4. What does Finny tell