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As an incoming freshman, one has no idea what to expect in terms of high school papers, homework, tests, or finals. These few tips will help throughout high school and let you receive the grade you want and deserve. Here are ten habits, or adjustments, an incoming freshman needs to take when transitioning from middle school to high school; pick a quiet place in your house, library, or outside to study, review the notes you have taken daily, take advantage of your teacher’s guidance while in the classroom, take plenty of breaks, stay motivated by studying with someone who has the same goals as you, plan a time during the day that is for studying only, figure out which studying habit works the best for you (ex. Flashcards), be sure to get enough sleep the night before a test or quiz, review and revise until you are completely comfortable with the information, and if you are really struggling, find a tutor provided by your school or even one outside of school. Having an area where it is quiet and you are comfortable is extremely important. Make sure there are no distractions like family, friends, TV, or even your phone. This area should make you feel motivated, so listen to music if that helps you. This way, you will get more accomplished. By reviewing your notes daily it will not only help you with homework, but that information is becoming engraved in your mind. When it comes to the night before a test, you will already know the information pretty well so you can avoid last- minute cramming. This will help you to become less stressed and more prepared. While in school, make sure you are asking your teacher questions. By asking them questions as soon as you don’t understand something, you are avoiding becoming even more confused later on. The teachers are there to teach students as their job, don’t be afraid to stay after class or school to get help. Taking plenty of breaks not only allows you to retain information better, but it also keeps you from getting burnt out or frustrated with your work. Once you have been studying for an hour, or even if you just need to refresh your mind, get up and play a game, eat a snack, or workout. Then when you come back to studying, you will be ready to get back to work. Sometimes your lack of motivation can make studying tough, this is when you might want to call up a friend. Be careful, though, who you choose to study with. Make sure it is someone studying the same material and is as serious about their grades and goals as you are. Designate a time and place where you both can study and feed off of each other’s energy. With someone else, it makes it a lot more fun and sometimes easier because you can test each other. Another thing you can do is designate a time during the day for studying only. Maybe after school, or right before you go to bed. When you have a specified time for studying, everything else will fall in place around it. By having timers, to-do lists, or planners, your time will become more manageable. Another tip for studying is to study yourself. Find out which study habit you like the best and…