Study Habits(Draft) Essay

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In the article “Forget What You Know about Good Study Habits” by Benedict Carey, the author talks about the different ways parents can make children study. These theories are certainly different from what most people are doing. There are classic ones people use such as “clear a quiet work place” and “stick to a homework schedule.” Carey introduces ways which people have studied. The article contains much scientific data to prove many different aspects of studying. The method that has influenced me the most in my life is “alternating the room where a person studies.” The method “Alternating the room where a person studies” has helped me get past high school. In my Junior Year English Class, the teacher would let us write a lot of essays which included a lot of reading to do. When I alternated my studying rooms, it has helped me with getting the reading done. Also the teacher did write and administer vocab tests. Carey explains that, “In one 1978 experiment, psychologists found that college students who studied a list of 40 vocabulary words in two different rooms has done better than those who stayed in one room”, which helped me pass those vocab tests. This method has also helped me outside of the school-related stuff. It has helped me plan out what I would have done in my recent vacation to Antigua and Barbuda. For starters, I needed to figure out where was everything at the resort. Next, I had composed a schedule in my mind about where I was going to go at certain times. Then I would obviously go to these events. In the article, this can be considered “varying the type of material studied in a single setting”. It can be related to this quote because that I am taking in the environment that it inside of the resort to the outside of the resort. It was revealed to be two completely different settings. Some may argue that doing different types of a certain problem may