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BROCHURE 1: for OSU students

* Spanish speaking population is increasing rapidly in the U.S. and the NAFTA Agreement has created a demand for University graduates with knowledge of the Spanish language as well as of Mexico. * Acquire a competitive edge while still pursuing a University degree, studying abroad at an ITESM campus.

WHY Monterrey Tech?

* It was classified as the # 41 worldwide at its Employer’s Review in the THES – QS World University Raking. * It was classified as the #306 worldwide at the QS World University Raking. * Now you have the opportunity to participate in a short or long term reciprocal exchange program, remain enrolled at Oklahoma State University while studying abroad at any of the 31 campuses in Mexico, paying the same tuition, and getting full credit for their courses, weather in English or Spanish.

* Engage in Mexican culture

* Benefit from the best campus facilities

* Great internship opportunities with Mexican companies and entrepreneurs

* Explore important projects of research in applied techonology



ITESM-OSU Liaison office was created in spring of 2010 as a result from a strategic partnership between a Mexican Higher Education Institution and Oklahoma State and with joint efforts from Monterrey Tech and Oklahoma State University to
Why tec de monterrey * It is one of the most prestigious and largest private universities in Latin America, founded in 1943. * It has 31 campuses distributed throughout the country, and academic centers in Latin American countries, North America, Europe, and Asia. * It was classified as the # 41 worldwide at its Employer’s Review in the THES – QS World University Raking. * ITESM currently has over 450 cooperation agreements with different universities in more than 40 strategic countries of the world. * You can choose from 64 excellent undergraduate programs and 53 graduate programs.

Presence in Oklahoma State University * OSU hosts specialized summer programs in various areas, such as Engineering or Finance for ITESM students. * There has been academic collaboration with OSU visiting scholars at various ITESM campuses. * Short term and tailored made programs for students, professors and faculty members have been an excellent opportunity to experience Oklahoma and create strategic relationships for future cooperation. * Multicultural experiences and talent exchange have been tangible with the