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Elizabeth Blackwell
Elizabeth Blackwell paved the path for women to go to medical school. Elizabeth Blackwell was born February 3, 1821 in Bristol, England. She was the third child out of nine children. Her parents were Samuel and Hannah Blackwell. Samuel Blackwell was a dissenter (someone who refuses to accept the authority of a founded Church), so Samuel denied sending his children to public school. He hired private tutors who went against English Tradition by teaching girls the same subjects as boys. Her mom inspired her children with music and literature. When she was twelve they moved to New York, New York Samuel helped with ending slavery. He made a sugar refinery he was doing quite well until the economy fell in 1873 and he lost most of his wealth because of it.
In 1842 she accepted a teaching job in Henderson, Kentucky because of her beliefs she had quit at the end of the year. When she was returning from Kentucky into Cincinnati a friend who went through treatment for gynecological disorder her friend told her that if a woman doctor had treated her she wouldn’t have been embarrassed. Her friend insisted her to study medical school. Elizabeth first thought was no to become a doctor but later on her thoughts changed. Others friend’s of hers discouraged her even though they discouraged her she chose to study medicine. Her best choice was to disguise herself as a man and move to France and then she would