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British Columbia Essay:

The chosen environmental protection which summarizes the deregulation in process that I have chosen is the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection. I feel that in my opinion that the number of deregulations are all based on the changes and developments in technology and people realizing that we are creating harm in many of the things we depends on.

In the last three years innovations to improve the quality of its framework have occurred. Deregulations have occurred when the ministry repealed the Weather Modification Act because it was no longer needed. The act required people to physically or chemically change the atmosphere, like cloud seeding making it rain in areas. This act was most likely repealed because over the past many years the later effects of chemicals in the atmosphere has shown that only harm could come from introducing chemicals that don’t belong in the atmosphere. Also because of the sudden interests in the greenhouse gases the world is now looking at emissions whether they are man made from pollution or chemically put straight into the air knowing the effects. This act was created in 1973 meaning that it has failed in its purpose because only one permit to do this task has ever been attempted. If a law or act is passed and it has no further use or that it doesn’t seem to be in effect because no one uses it, then that law or act deserves to be deregulated. Another deregulation made in the Ministry or Water, Land and Air Protection was the repeal of the motor Vehicle Emissions Reduction Regulation (Waste Management Act) because it would overlap between provincial and federal legislation. This act was created so that dealers and manufacturers would only have to comply with one set of emission standards. The issues with this law was that not everywhere was the emissions created in cars or factories were equal and that depending on the area that the person lived in they would have a whole different set of standards for their emission levels. It has resulted in business going up for dealers and manufacturers because they wouldn’t have to waste their time trying to flex on their cars made. Before this act was put into effect companies would have to test their vehicles to make sure they meet the emissions standard within the country rather than their city but, because of the deregulation put into effect it saved many companies their time and efforts into making every vehicle the same.…