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June 02, 2013 Number: 394 Erdenet city

Letter of Recommendatioan
To whom it May Concern
This letter to serve as my formal recommendation for Ganbold Ononbat, I am pleased to write to you on her behalf, who is applying for study in graduate school. I have had the pleasure of khowing her for the last four years. He was a good student in our university during her academic four years. He is an honest and smart, reliable and responsible person, and very cooperative too.
I hope he can contribute herself to develop her country to more developing countries in the future. He has a good command of English language. Her above-average performance is a direct result of his hard work and strong ability.
Hereby, I strongly recommend his to be selected as bachelor course student .

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Ph.D. Buyandulam. Lh
Financial and Economics Department
Branch school of MNU in the Orkhon province
Hand Tel: 976-99094151

June 02, 2013 Number: 395 Erdenet city

Letter of Recommendation
To Whom It May Concern
Recommendation Ganbold Ononbat, a student of mine for the past two years is a great pleasure for me . I have taught ger during his third and for year.
While I taught his, I learnt that he was highly motivated and he always tried to perform to his capacities. He has a good academic record which can be attributed to his shrewd acumen