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Marketing is:
e) all of the answers listed
2. The presence of price and quality variance in markets means:
c) A few suppliers’ productsand services are best buys. Most are not 3. Marketing is about:
b) Increasing customer satisfaction, which in turn increases profits
4. Product innovation and the diffusion of innovation create:
d) All of the answers listed 5. Marketing is the business discipline responsible for:
c) Product innovation and the diffusionof innovation 6. The focus of companies needs to be on winning:
c) Both a and b 7. A responsibility of marketers is to sell new products and ideas to:
d) All of the answers listed 8. Excellence in advertising and promotions is most needed:
b) When your products
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Which of the following activities directly follows “Retailer/distributor develops a tradingalliance with new source” in the global supply-chain dynamic?
b) Domestic and global sourcesin existing trading alliances come under pressure to innovate, reduce prices and increaseservices
7. The lower the cost of trade and the faster the speed of trade flows:
e) a and b above
8. A positive outcome of the global trading dynamic is:
d) All of the listed options 9. __________ production methods can be made to work in regions that have barely progressed beyond the stage of peasantry.
b) Modern 10. FedEx, UPS and DHL have a few great process thinkers and a lot of good distribution process implementers who are________________:
c) Asked to think about what they do andhow to improve what they do

Study Quiz 1.5
1. The marketing of changing supply _____the needs and wants of consumers.
c) Changes 2. The changing needs, wants and preferences of consumers changes supply:
c) Always 3. New market segments emerge as _________ demand changes.
c) The variation in
4. Competition increases as:
d) Supply exceeds demand 5. Insatiable self improvement is in the self-interest of _________ firms.
a) All 6. Change management in marketing is most important in a firm’s:
d) All of the answers listed
7. What follows “Supply shifts to serve the demand of the most profitable market segments.”?
d) Competition forces sellers to try new ways of serving customers and