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Sara Jones
28 March 2011
Professor Scott
Aclt 052
Getting through the English Language: My Response Essay to Mother Tongue The fiction essay “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan is just one of her short stories that were written by this expressive writer. This reading selection explains the life of the author from a young child until now as an accomplished Chinese-American writer. Even though there are different nationalities of immigrants in America. It shows that we all have the same problems, which is speaking the American language. At times life might seem hard, but we make it work to the best of our abilities. First, I related to this essay right away. Amy came for two immigrant parents who fled China in the late 1940’s. I too grew up with one immigrant parent, which was my mother. She is from Germany, where she was raised most of her life. Like Amy’s mother, she also spoke broken English. At times I was ashamed and afraid at the same time for my mother, because of her lack of English. However growing up I didn’t have a great vocabulary, so I was made fun of in school. It also held me back with achieving good grades in my classes or tests. I never gave up on my English and received private tutoring, and I would recommend it to someone who is foreign to the English language. I also thought this essay was very close to the heart. Although most American’s people couldn’t relate to this, it can still give them a perspective of someone’s life with a foreign tongue. I enjoy