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Study Techniques:-
1. Mind map
Available from 2. Flash card study system available from 3. Time management available from 4. Note taking available from 5. Research and Reading Available from 6. Condensing information Available from

Mind Map:-
It is easier one for me and easy to list out the ideas in mind and organise the ideas in chart. It is useful for me easy to understand the subject by using mind map. when I want to learn something put the main point in center create the arrows in all 360 direction put the sub point so and so and write the details in that sub point one by one. It generate so many ideas by doing this way.
Flash card:-
Flash card activates our brain and makes our brain to think. Think and learn study skills easy to memorize. Flash cards are very simple one comparing to other study skills it takes less time. I am going to use flash card to improve my vocabulary. everyday write new vocabulary in each flashcard. and see it every day and learn by doing this and visualize something for that vocabulary. so it is easy to remember for that vocabulary. It would