Study Skills Assaignment 1 Essay

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Personal Study Plan
Key Factors that contributed to the way I have designed my personal study plan, is my commitment to college, work, family, partner, auto grass club and pets. I have commitments to attend college on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, along with college I have to plan time to study and complete coursework. I currently work as a care assistant for MMCG at Rosedale Care home and have a 24hr a week contract in which I need to fulfil. Furthermore I needed to factor in my personal commitments as every Thursday from 2pm I babysit for my partner’s mother which is a pre-existing arrangement in which I need to honour in order for her to continue her career. I currently have five dogs which require two walks daily my sister does the morning walk and I take the evening walk which works around my work and college commitments. As I currently live with my partner, parents and siblings we all have a family meal each night. I'm currently in a relationship so I have to factor time in my plan to maintain my relationship this is what I found the hardest as setting times to love someone seemed bazar and hard to predict. However with compromise from both mine and my partner we have come up with a plan which upon we both agree on and works with the rest of my family.
One of my Key strengths is that I'm organised, I like to organise everything in life which is under my control so I like to make sure all my college work in organised, tidy, correct, coloured and in order. This Is a big positive for me as I don’t have to work extra in order to organise things as I'm already organised this helps me keep my work up to date and really helps with controlling and managing deadlines
Another Key Weakness