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Jessica Campbell

March 10, 2013

Psychology 101

Study Skills Checklist

According to my study skills checklist assessment it identifies four areas of concern. The checklist stresses its concern in time scheduling, concentration, reading, and exams. I procrastinates when it comes to studying. I cram a day or two before an exam. I am too busy talking on the phone or socializing on social network. The time I spend doing these things I could be studying. To more effectively manage my time I need to set realistic goals and create to do list. I should also study every day, at the same time. I lack concentrating on things that aren’t interesting, so I can’t for long periods of time without becoming easily distracted. Therefore, I study with the music or television playing. In the future when I am studying I can turn my notes into songs or codes in order to remember and make studying fun. Also studying in groups is a great way to study, that way if one’s get off track, the other person can be there to help one to stay focus. When I read I usually forget what I’ve just read or I don’t know how to pin point out what is important. To solve this problem in the future when I am studying, I can use maintenance rehearsal. Maintenance rehearsal is practice saying some information to be remembered over and over in one’s head. I’m not the best test taking. I retain information well when I am in class, but when I receive my test my mind goes blank. Also when I prepare for a test, I