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Are you about to take Study Skills? It’s definitely worth it; looking back, I have learned a lot in the course. Not only did I learn more about my own personality and learning style, but I also became more aware of my study related strengths and weaknesses. As I progressed through the course, I was also taught new ways to manage my time, stay motivated, pass tests, and take notes. Overall, this course had improved my study skills in many areas. In the first few lessons there were a couple self-assessments. Through a personality profile, I learned that I poses excellent leadership qualities. I can be very persuasive, I’m always eager to help others, and I like being in charge. However I’m usually too shy to take on the leader position. The surveys also taught me more about some of my study habits. I learned that my “study area” isn’t the greatest. Although I do sit up at a desk with plenty of lighting, I also have many distractions, such as family members, social networking, and the radio. After becoming aware of this truth, I changed my study area by eliminating some of my distractions. Next, I found out that my primary learning style is tactile learning. Taking notes and trying things hands on help me to understand and remember what I’m studying. I’ve complied all of these things together to make my studying experience much more beneficial. In addition to the previously mentioned things that I learned about myself, I also learned that I have major issues with managing time and staying motivated. Often times I procrastinate things whether they are of great importance or not. Thankfully the course also taught me new ways to fix/cope with these problems, such as setting goals, and finding ways to be self-motivated. I used these tips, and set several goals, some short term, some long. To help me stay on top of these goals, I focused on creating an effective schedule. Having a schedule will save time and make you more efficient, if you follow it. Using these tips made me think about my future, which gave me plenty of motivation. Aside from all the self-reflection assignments, there were many assignments that focused on improving skills, such as studying for/passing tests and note taking. Through those assignments I obtained many tips, and definitely strengthened my skills. I learned that it is extremely helpful to begin studying for a test far in advance. You can do this by taking practice tests, and looking over your notes periodically. This way you will be