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HIST 137: World Civilization to 1648

Chapter 1: The Earliest Human Societies
Hominid Family
Paleolithic Era
Neolithic Era
Pleistocene Epoch
Australopithecus *
Homo Habilis *
Homo Erectus
Homo Sapiens: Origins
Homo Sapiens: Brain Size
Neanderthals *
Homo Sapiens: Migration
Division of Labor
Paleolithic Family and Kinship
Animism *
Shamans *
Venus Figurines
Agricultural Revolution
Fertile Crescent *
Selective Breeding
Pastoralism *
Plow Agriculture
Occupational Specialization *
Development of Hierarchy
Gender Hierarchy *
Catal Hhyhk *
Bronze, Bronze Age
Neolithic Trade
Neolithic Elites

Chapter 2: The Rise of the State in Southwest and the Asia and the Nile Valley
Herodotus *
Ancient Writings
The State
Sumerian Theocracy
Sumerian Royalty
Cuneiform *
Epic of Gilgamesh *
Sargon of Akkad *
Hammurabi *
Hammurabi's Law Code
Nile River Valley
Egyptian Deities
Book of the Dead *
Egyptian Social Divisions
Hyksos *
The New Kingdom
Akhenaten *
Indo-European Language
Nubia and Kush
Phoenicians *
The Hebrew State
Cyrus the Great *
Persian Conquests
Persian Imperial Administration

Chapter 3: The Foundation of Indian Society
Harappan Civilization
Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa
Harappan Colapse
The Aryans
The Rigveda *
The Caste System
The Ramayana
Brahmanism *
Samsara and Karma *
Brahman *
Jainism *
The Four Noble Truths *
Nirvana *
Siddartha Gautama
Mahayana Buddhism *
The Bhagavad Gita
Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu
Effects of Western Contact
Mauryan Government
Mauryan Conquests
Chandragupta Maurya *
Ashoka *
Ashoka and Buddhism

Chapter 4: China's Classical Age
China Proper
Loess Soil
Yellow and Yangtze River Ecosystems
Neolithic China
Anyang *
Shang Kings
The Tomb of Lady Hao
Shang Bronze
Shang Society
Logographics *
Book of Documents
Mandate of Heaven *
Zhou Government
Book of Songs
Zhou Iron
Lord Mengchang
Zhou Religion
Warring States Period
The Art of War (Sun Wu) *
Confucius *
The Book of Mencius *
Daoism *
Laozi *
Han Feizi *
Yin and Yang *

Chapter 5: The Greek Experience
Greek Geography
Minoan Civilization *
Mycenanean Civilization
Linear A and Linear B
Greek Dark Age
The Polis *
Athenian Democracy
Oligarchy and Tyranny
The Lycurgan System
Draco and Solon *
The Persian Wars
The Delian League *
The Peloponnesian War
Athenian Drama and Theater
Athenian Women
Greek Religion
Aristotle: The Politics *
The Pre-Socratic Philosophers *
The Sophists
Socrates *
Plato *
Phillip II of Macedonia *
Hellenic v. Hellenistic
Alexander the Great
Ptolemy, Antigonus, and Seleucus
Hellenistic Cities
Hellenistic Commerce
Mystery Religions
Epicureanism and Stoicism
Hellenistic Science: Aristarchus, Euclid, and Aristotle *

Chapter 6: The Roman World
Pre-Roman Italy
The Etruscans *
Romulus and Remus *
Roman Republic: Expansion
Patricians and Plebeians *
Roman Republic: Senate, Consuls, and Praetors
The Struggle of the Orders: Tribunes and the Concillium Plebis
The Punic Wars: First, Second, and Third
Effects of Hellenic Conquests
Roman Family Life
Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus *
Gaius Marius and Sulla
Julius Caesar *
Octavian/Caesar Augustus
Roman Empire: Expansion
The Julio-Claudian Emperors
The Flavian Emperors *
The Antonine Emperors
Imperial Military Changes
Urban Life in Rome
Rome and Han China
Origins of Christianity
Paul of Tarsus *
Bishops and Heresy
Christian Persecution (?)
Diocletian and the Tetrarchy *
Economic Crisis of the Fourth Century
Constantine and Christianity
Constantinople *
Theodosius *

Chapter 7: East Asia and the Spread of
Qin Government *
The Great Wall
Liu Bang/ Gaozu Emperor *
Emperor Wu *
Han Confucian Scholar Officials
Sima Qian: