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Valeria Marin May 23, 2013 Women in the civil war (Thesis) This is about women in the civil war and what roles they were doing in that time.

Valeria Marin may/24/2013 Outline
II. Introduction * What mean civil war * What roles in civil war for women * What about

III. What roles had the black women * What they can do * Why they are there * What were the important roles?

IV. Important roles * What roles was the very dangers * What was the essay role for women * Why women were in the civil war

V. my reaction to my topic * what I think about my topic * my opinion of the importance of this topic * women did a great job in there

VI. conclusion
Summarize about women in civil war
Valeria Marin May/05/2013 Cornell Notes
Women in the civil war, those women who did help with the union cause appear to fit into a general pattern, with few exceptions. Women roles | NursesAgents Soldiers Teachers | this are the most important roles for women in The civil war * The nurses work in help the men’s women when they were wounded if they had time to survive * Agents work hard to win some died and others survived soldiers worked hard to survived * The teacher work hard to teaching people and children’s and survive in civil war. | * The women work to fight and the north win because they had more money and they were more soldiers.

Valeria Marin Notes May/06/2013 * Famous Women in civil war: Jennie hedgers Nancy hart Rosetta Wakeman Harriet Tubman Margaret Douglass Pauline Cushman Anna Ella Carral Sarah Emma Edmonds Women in both the north and the south contributed to war in many years at least 400 women disguised themselves as men and joined the union or confederate armies.…