How To Write A Career Exploration Plan

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UNIV/100 Career Exploration Plan Example

This is a sample only. You may refer to this example as a guideline as you complete your worksheet, but use your personal information to complete the worksheet.

Section 1: Career Research Results

|Careers and degrees I’m interested in |What I know about these careers and |What I need to know about these careers and |
| |degrees |degrees |
|Marketing Manager |University of Phoenix has a Bachelor of |What specific skills do I need to have to do |
| |Science in Business with a concentration |well in a marketing manager job? |
| |in Marketing. I have seen several job | |
| |listings for marketing product managers; | |
| |this seems to be an in-demand occupation. | |

Section 2: Career Interests Profiler Results

|My top career interests |Description |Matching careers |
|Artistic |You are naturally highly imaginative, open to new |Arts, design, entertainment, and media |
| |experiences, and love expressing yourself. You | |
| |bring creativity to your work and have probably | |
| |thought about working in the arts. | |
|Social |You love working with others, especially when you |Education and training occupations |
| |can help and support them. You are attracted to | |
| |people-oriented jobs and may have thought about | |
| |teaching or leadership roles. | |
|Enterprising |Part of you is attracted to business, especially to|Management occupations |
| |sales or leadership roles. You get some enjoyment | |
| |from persuading others and working in an energetic | |
| |environment. | |

What did you learn from completing the Career Interests Profiler?

|I learned about several different types of careers where I could apply my skills and interests. I knew I would match well to a |
|leadership role because I like coaching people, but I had not considered careers in training or education. My social skills |
|would be useful for collaborating with others on marketing strategies. Although I don’t consider myself an artist, I can see |
|where my interest in art and web design would help me manage employees who are product or advertising designers. |

Section 3: Job Market Research Results

|Categories |Marketing Manager |Communications Manager |Product Marketing Manager |
|Education level |Bachelor’s degree – Business |Bachelor’s – Marketing Management|Bachelor’s degree – Business |
| |Administration and Management |or Communication, Journalism and |Administration and Management |