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The Experience of Studying Abroad

Having the experience to study abroad gives one a sense of greater knowledge, cultural and diverse knowledge that cannot be taught at home. To many it’s a life-changing event, a time when ones strive to be a greater person in an amazing new environment where they lean and are educated. Imagine your self-having the choice of either spending the evening at an Irish pub or visit the Great Wall of China for the weekend or to play soccer for a study break with the Coaster Rican rain forest at your back. Situations such as these are possible when you study abroad. I have once studied aboard during my junior year of high school in Wolfsburg, Germany; this proved to be an invaluable experience. However everyone should have the experience of studying abroad. Although it might seem quite the contrary, college is the best time for one travel; it helps one to their develop language skills, teaches one to be independent and responsible, and finally one learns about culture through hands on experience.
When studying abroad one learns to develop and improve their language skills. Communications is important, becoming proficient in a second or third language is an invaluable resource for you and future employers alike. Becoming immersed in a target language is the best way to learn it; a friend of mine Cora who lived with a host family during her study abroad year in Madrid, Spain agreed. “My senora did not speak a word of English, I would have to think out side of the box when I didn’t know what to say, and over time my Spanish improved so much!”
For the first few years of college many students are in that in-between stage when you’re not a child but you’re not quite an adult yet. Studying abroad is really great because it forces one to grow up and become mature. One must learn to take care of them self and sometimes do as the Romans do. For example during my study abroad trip in Germany, I learned to use public transportation to get around town by myself for the very first time. Also mom and dad are no long as close as they use to be and anytime one has an issue they are forced to use their knowledge and skills to solve the problem on there own. With this type experience one gains maturity and learns many important life lessons.
Not only does one gain