Studying Abroad and Its Benefits Essay

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Study abroad Study aboard is something very important for everyone because it provides a lot of experiences and it develops human personality. It gives students the opportunity to meet a lot of people who will have different thoughts. It teaches students how can deal with different changes in a new life far away their native countries. On the other hand, the students have many difficulties, such as living conditions and food preferences, should face them head on. A lot of students want to study abroad because it is required by university to graduate, to get the best job after graduation, or to meet new people from different cultures. First of all, there are a lot of universities that ask students to study abroad for a limited period because this is one of the requirements to get a specific degree such as a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. For example, some universities would ask student to study one semester abroad as a condition to graduate from this university. When I applied for my master’s degree, I provided three recommendation letters written by my best professors. Also I wrote an essay about the purpose of study, and then I got my conditional admission. I think studying abroad for just one semester is not enough period to improve the language as well. Secondly, there are many students who want to study abroad because they are looking for a job at an international company in the future. Most of employees in international companies have studied aboard for limited semesters. Their choice of going overseas for their education stems from the fact that international companies give better chance to the persons who speak more than one language. So studying aboard makes our dreams come true. To sum up, working outside of their comfort zones, or their native countries, students will learn how to make independent decisions without family support. In addition, studying aboard is something very interesting because the student can travel to a new country and makes new friends from different cultures. International students usually live together, so this make them