Studying: Debut Albums and Good Behavior Essay

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Thoa Tran
ENG 111, M61B
Instructor: Mrs. Rebecca Boncal
August 28, 2014
This I Believe Essay Good Behavior I am open mine and always help people when they need me help them. If I have good behavior with every people, I will receive a good thing either. I believe that happen in my life. I believe if I have good behavior with my coworker, I will have a good relationship with them and comfortable work environment either. When I started working at the nail shop, I hadn’t known anything what I can do. I always have smile face with my worker and then asked them when they need help. During the training time I have a lot of trouble with my job but my coworker help me a lot such as teach me how to do an service with customer, and how to ask them what they need to take care and how to do a good service for client. My coworker and I have good behavior with each other, so we can share lunch and help each other while we are working every day. Therefore, we have happy work environment, and we have never fight or jell at work. I do not get angry with any one, so people cannot get angry at me. In addition, when I have a service for difficult customer, I will have a good behavior with them, and make them happy while I am doing for them. Cause of my behavior, my client cannot difficult with me anymore. I believe that if I forgive for someone, I will be excused from another one. For example, when I parking my car in a parking lot, somebody hit my car and they came to see me to talk about this problem. I said with them its ok because trust has some of cracked in my car then I did not call my insurance to solve this problem. Because I think if I open with them when I have them same situation they will resolve easy to me either. One day, I backed up my car and I just have a light hit of someone else car. Then they checked their car and they just saw a small problem. We talk about that for few minute, and they know me is a student, so they forgive to me. The most things I believe if I have a good behavior with my family or my relationship; they will be good with me either. I take care of them and think