Essay on Studying: Understanding and People

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The data that we collected from the interviews was consistent to the data we collected from the survey, with only a few exceptions. We interviewed Elise Morin, Cara Coffin, and Vincent Bolden.
From the survey we noticed that people who don’t get over eight hours of sleep on a regular basis are also the ones who said that they don’t get breakfast on a regular basis. These results do not correlate to the results from our interviews. Cora and Elise both said that they do not get eight hours, but both said that they get breakfast because it helps them wake up and concentrate. Vincent said that he gets eight hours of sleep because he manages his time well, and also said that getting breakfast helps him concentrate.
Majority of the people that we surveyed said that they didn’t watch T.V while they studied because it was too much of a distraction; however, in the interviews we found out that some people like Elise do watch T.V during study sessions because it eases stress. Seven out of the ten people that we surveyed said that they listened to music while they studied. Cora, Vincent, and Elise all said they listen to music because it helps calm them down and tune others out while they do their work. The majority of the people that we surveyed said they don’t take a lot of breaks while they were studying; which was consistent to the people we interviewed because they said they would rather get it done than to keep taking breaks.
Eight out of the ten people that we surveyed said that studying with other people did not affect their grades negatively. During our interview, each person said that studying with others didn’t affect their grades negatively. They…