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Title: Importance of education: Is it worth to sacrifice everything?
The importance of reading and writing is evident since the existence of human being on this planet. All the modern technologies and today’s life of internet and revolution are continuing endeavour of attaining better education and innovation. Nobody can or denies the importance of education and its impact on our lives. However, still, we are far from 100% literate world. There are countries where the literacy levels are still below 20%. Illiteracy is much higher in under developed nations of Africa, Asia and South America; hence, poverty is also high in these regions. There are many studies which have shown a direct link between the lack of education and poverty. Education, in addition to eliminate of the poverty and brings prosperity, as well as gives self and social awareness, which brings a positive change in any society.
Is education that important: one should challenge and risk everything for the attainment of it? In the following paragraphs, an attempt is made to identify the key issues and problems associated with lack of education and of course its consequences.
Education was the key to the problems we faced centuries ago and is still a vital tool in solving the glitches, we are facing today. To fully understand the importance of education in the countries where it is not widespread, we have to detach ourselves from the persona of well-educated individual with all the privileges that come with education. In many countries of the world, for a person to be able to write his or her name on the piece of paper or read few lines in broken fluency, can potentially change his life’s prospective. A person without the basic level of education is more likely to be under waged, even for a labour work, than the one with some basic education.
There are majority of people who go to any length for the fulfilment of their dreams. There are countless examples of sacrifice by the individuals to get education for themselves or for their children. The young children go through huge suffering and struggle to attain education and some it becomes more challenging for girls as compare to boys to have this basic right of education. The most recent and inspirational example comes from a 16 year old school, Malala Yousafzai. She is a school girl and worked as an education activist in Swat, Pakistan, where a formal education for girls was banned. Some group of people tried to stop her from writing about girl’s right to have education but she ignored all the threats and continued with resilience. Eventually, they shot her in the head on her way to home from school. She recovered from her ordeal and continues with her education and her agenda.
Gender discrimination in attainment of education is widespread in many countries of the world. Males are more likely to attend the school, where as girls stay behind and do house chores. They ignore this famous saying, “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation)” attributed to the Ghanaian scholar Dr. James Emmanuel. It is pivotal in understanding the role and importance of women education. A girl denied of education is like a family is being deprived of it. In Malala’s case, she and her fellow school girls were deprived of their basic right to get education. Malala was aware of the consequences but she still challenged that injustice in her blog. This showed her determination for the attainment of education. She put her life on stake and continued with her mission. There are many more unsung heroes who endure hardships and adversities even just to get to their schools.

Poverty is another major issue in less developed countries like Africa. In