The Future Of Plant Growth

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The Future of Plant Growth
Navraj Dosanjh and Ivan Xie

Over the years, technology has greatly advanced and has led mankind to experiment. Technology has increased the efficiency of life and this increase has led us to our experiment. Our experiment involves sunflower seeds, a fluorescent light bulb, and the sun. We are testing if a fluorescent light bulb can help grow a plant at the same rate or even faster than sunlight. The light from the sun is more intense than artificial light, which is better for plant growth. Artificial light can be operated to shine for a certain amount of time, while sunlight varies depending on the weather and other factors. These facts have motivated us to put these two sources of light to test and to conclude which light source is better for plant growth.
Hypothesis: After 30 days, the sunflowers grown under sunlight will be more grown than sunflowers being grown under a fluorescent light bulb.
Diagram 1
Diagram 1 displays the sunflowers that are growing under sunlight over a span of 5 days. Materials:
Sunflower Seeds x30
Measuring Cup x2
Soil 250ml
Plastic Cups x10
Fluorescent Light Bulb x1
1. Place half a cup of soil with three sunflower seeds into each cup.
2. Take five of the ten cups which now contain three sunflower seeds and soil and place it under sunlight. The other five are to be placed in a room with a fluorescent light bulb. Leave the light on for 11 hours every day.
3. Water the plants regularly.
Plant 1

Plant 2

Plant 3

Plant 4

Plant 5

Fluorescent LightBulb
Plant 6

Plant 7

Plant 8

Plant 9

Plant 10

Sunflower 1 under Sunlight Day 5 (3 CM) Diagram 2 Day 15 (7.6 CM) Diagram 3

Day 30 (9.2 CM) Diagram 3

Sunflower 6 under Fluorescent Light Bulb - Day 5 (5 CM) - Day 15 (8.4 CM)

Day 30 (12 CM)

Growth of Sunflowers in Sunlight Over 30 Days

Days in Sunlight
Graph 1

Growth of Sunflowers in Fluorescent Light bulb Over 30 Days

The results we have obtained do not support our hypothesis. In our experiment sunlight was less effective in growing a sunflower than a fluorescent light bulb, which is very odd. From our results, you can see that this ineffectiveness occurred from the start of our experiment. Sunlight has been proven to be more intense than artificial light, which should increase the growth of a plant. Our results show otherwise which makes us question if we did any errors while completing this experiment. Overall the growth of the plants under sunlight was less than those under the fluorescent light bulb.
After looking at the data that we have obtained through our experiment, our hypothesis was proved wrong. The growth of the sunflower in sunlight was actually less than from the