Essay on Style Guide and Inspiration Poem Analysis

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Hawaiian/Pacific Inspiration Poem Analysis

Directions: Today and Thursday/Friday you are going to find a poem(s) that inspires you. Take your time and spend Wednesday browsing through different books in the Hawaiian Pacific collection until you find something that really inspires you as a writer. A good place to start is with the books on the cart that Kumu Kawika has pulled for you. Once you have selected your poem:

Step 1: Xerox your poem (or take a picture of it on your camera phone, then print).

Step 2: Annotate your copy:
Add line numbers to your poem
Circle and look up any new/unfamiliar words
Highlight golden lines and challenging lines, paying particular attention to diction, imagery, figurative language, kaona, and any other literary tools you notice.

Step 3: Begin your Inspiration Poem Analysis.

Write a 1-1.5 page (double-spaced) analysis explaining why this poem inspired you, and how it will help you to grow as a writer.

First Paragraph: Summary
Summarize what the poem is about. What main idea(s) or emotion(s) is the writer is trying to convey? What specific lines or details “show” this?
In your first or second sentence, make sure to give the title, author, and publication you read.
Were there any challenging lines that made it difficult to understand the poem? If so, how did you make sense of these lines, based on the context clues of the poem?
What connections were you able to make, to other films, stories, songs, personal experiences? How did this connection help you to gain a deeper understanding of your poem?

Second Paragraph: Golden Lines
Discuss specific Golden Lines that stood out to you, and discuss why they stood out to you.
Dig deep into your