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Running head: Plagiarism


Utilizing an individual(s) material, facts, information of any kind and representing the document as your very own is plagiarizing. There are different ways to plagiarize: (1) Direct Reproduction: which is copy and paste, the student will copy and paste the entire document excluding the name(s) of the author (this type of plagiarizing is generally known), (2) Word Switch: words are switched and changed, (3) Sources Not Cited: (4) Sources Cited Only Once: obviously this is when the source is cited once, (5) Patch Work Writing: this is where the student will gather their work from different sources so as long the research their conducting is similar to one another, they will then form the document into one plagiarized masterpiece, (6) Idea Plagiarism: sharing and repeating the same exact idea as the author originally documented and (7) Style Plagiarism: style plagiarism is a replica of another author's explanation.

Plagiarism is crucial, besides brainstorming and creating an idea(s) of their own with original thoughts, some would falsify the work of another because it’s simple and effortless. Students would plagiarize for a variety of reasons. A student would plagiarize because he/she have bad writing skills, the student can enhance their writing ability by attending workshops or a writing class. Another reason why someone would plagiarize is because it’s easy or just lazy.

Students would unintentionally plagiarize when they don’t comprehend the assignment or if they don’t have sufficient time to complete the assignment instead of asking for their Professor to grant them an