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Diversity with in the Veterans Affairs
Daniel Freyburger
South University

Broad look at the diversity policies within the Veterans Affairs. Analyzing the Veteran Affairs policy development, implementation technique and auditing procedures seeks to find what the current status is in the Veterans Affairs and structures the conclusion on the current statuses

Diversity with in the Veterans Affairs

Diversity by definition according to Kinicki is; “Diversity represents the multitude of individual differences and similarities that exist among people.”(Kinicki 98) The Veterans Affairs consist of over 351, 000 full-time paid employees (VA Information) make it one of the largest federal employers in the nation. Veterans Affairs diversity policy is big enough to encompass all similarities within the organization, but defined enough to be actionable if needed. The main objective of a well-developed diversity policy is to ensure that each person unique characteristics are not discriminated towards, but that the unique characteristics care used to promote a diverse community.
The current policy for diversity in the federal government in regards to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA's) is the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI). The office primary area of rsponseablity is to “foster a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment that ensures equal opportunity through national policy development, workforce analysis, outreach, retention, and education to best serve our Nation's Veterans.” (2015). The VA policy is to ensure equal opportunity for all that apply, work and hope to be promoted within the VA. The Veterans Affairs has had a past reputation of being very diverse, but limited in its hiring to only Veterans. This could be a benefit, and at the same time a liability. The benefit is giving back to a person who volunteered for there nation, and the liability is to narrow on its recruiting process.
Since diversity major principle is not to promote a particular race greater then the next, but to ensure balance the VA has introduced many different policies within the VA. The VA for two reasons must promote growth in diversity. The major reason is because it falls under the federal government thus inherently must follow federal laws. The federal laws to name a few include the EEO (Equal Employee Opportunity), NO FEAR act, and the whistleblower act. The second reason why is based on the need to ensure a diverse and openly accepted workspace free of judgment so to promote a healthy and prosperous work force. The main objective for the VA to have a strong diversity policy is to ensure the customer (Veteran) is offered the opportunity to meet and be helped by the most qualified doctor, nurse and case worker to name just a few positions.
The VA created the office of diversity and inclusion with intention of providing Leadership and guidance for the diversity and inclusion initiatives. The VA Diversity Council is used as a forum to share best practices that have been used within in the VA and will hold conferences to help in the training of senior VA employees to ensure correct, concise and timely information and training is achieved. The council creates new initiatives based on the change of the workforce, and typically facilities this in a open forum. Throughout there year surveys and will be distributed in the VA, and from there the potential to create new initiatives are discussed according to the results. One key point of the results I have seen is the commitment the VA does using the council to monitor progress, and to get a snap shot of the current state of diversity. One key factor in the reading of the text was the not just the policy, but the state of the policy and moral within the business. Key differences can be identified by the report to include moral. The final output of th council is to ensure to have a means of accountability. Combining all the previous purposes, creating new policies, training