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Analyzing the Team
December 2, 2014
MGT 3102

To get a high performance team you must have a set of shared values. Policies don’t always tell you what to do, so if the boss doesn’t guide you, you must always see eye to eye as a team to make sure you reach your shared goal. Whatever it may be. Explicit or implicit fundamental beliefs, concepts, and principles that underlie the culture of an organization, and which guide decisions and behavior of its employees, management and members (
If the team is under a shared goal it makes the flow so much easier. There won’t be a question as to why you are there or what each one has a responsibility to do. Same goes for any job you may have. Your boss doesn’t have to stand over you and guide you on each thing you are doing. They can leave and know that while they are away you still have a job to do. The goal is getting your work done and you all have that understanding.
Right now we all just have the understanding that what we are doing is for the people who need it most during the holidays. This should be year round but everyone wants to give more around this time because not everyone can spend it with family and have the funds to buy a big Christmas meal for their family. We may not have the money to donate as much as we would like but we all share the same idea that we will give as much as we can with as many resources as we can. One of our team members has reached out to her husband who also pitched in with bringing in canned goods. We also brought up the idea of going to the food bank itself or a shelter and volunteering to help feed the homeless, or they pitch in with a local church for a toy drive. We are thinking of ways to branch out and reach as many as we can.
Our leader is most definitely value based, to do what we’re doing you have to have morals and values alike. She thought of the idea alongside a few others so if she didn’t have values I doubt she would’ve volunteered let alone sign up to be team captain.
If we were to carry this team into something else say a project at work it may draw out a different side of each other and see how we are when facing a deadline or if the boss is pushing us. Different circumstances bring on different attitudes. So I would be interested to know how we would be if we had a different obstacle. Right now our group is fun and full of laughs because this is a project that is for fun.
She is well rounded and diverse. She doesn’t get frazzled easily. She is friendly and always asking questions to get the team engaged in what the next activity may be. I am glad she is the leader of our group. She keeps an organized schedule of what we have next on the agenda and always taking suggestions on how to improve and then she actually does it. By this being a team of a less traditional sense I feel like there are obstacles that we don’t face that some teams do on a regular basis. Maybe if this was more work related we could get more feedback on things to improve and things to cut back on. Out of what we are doing we are just finding ways to help others and brainstorming. Perhaps I can bring up the suggestion to make this into a thing where we think of ways to volunteer once a month. We already thought that this should be done more than just around Christmas so we can change the dynamic of our group and see if we can see more of what our leader can do. She would then change her responsibility to designate more tasks. Someone would be responsible for finding a place and calling and then someone of making sure the team stays informed.
We are definitely an empowered group. We motivate one another to make sure we are doing the best we can. We have team building outings to grow closer as a group so we can have a like mind. Also if you get along with your team it…