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Nursing 4067 Project
Windy Allen
South University


69 years old
African American
Grown children
Full time health care worker

Philosophy on living a long life/ health promotion •

Good relationship with God
Good relationship with family
Regular healthcare
Preventative healthcare
Walking with husband
Balanced diet with “a little soul”
Balance in life versus really bad luck

When is someone too old?
• Never too old if you have a healthy heart
• Healthy heart is someone that is spiritually and emotionally healthy
• Never too old to do anything you can do physically Family traditions and values
• God first, family second and the rest falls into place. • Successful marriage putting their relationship second only to God
• Family Sundays with food and games
• Grandparents not caretakers


Tinetti Balance Assessment Tool 15/16
Katz Index of Independence in ADLs 6/6
Barthel Index 20/20
Home safety evaluation minor recommendations made.

Self description of current and past health status • Mild hypertension
• Mild hyperlipidemia
• Both decreased with diet and exercise modifications • Risk for heart disease if left untreated.
• Mild Arthritis

CAD and hypertension statistics
• Mortality from CAD for black women 69% higher than for white women.
• Mortality from hypertension 352% higher for black women than white women

Hypertension nursing process assessment

5 feet 5 inches tall
190 pounds
BMI 30.7
BP 156/82 Heart rate 82
Daily activity
Denies smoking, alcohol and fast food.

Hypertension nursing diagnosis and goals
• Risk for decreased cardiac output as evidenced by hypertension and obesity
• Decrease SBP to <145/80 in 2 weeks
• Resting heart rate <75.
• Plan heart healthy meal with <2000 calories

Psychosocial issues related to hypertension

Money stress
Stress about retirement
Stress about health
Worry about husband


Balanced diet <2000 calories
Daily food log to track eating habits
Increase walks to 90 minutes per day
Monitor BP daily and log
Consult with PCP regarding logged BP measurements • Referral to American Heart Association website for better