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|Good features |Not so good features |Improvements |
|A good feature is that in such a small |A bad point for the advert would be that |I think the advert can be improved by the |
|amount of time the advert told us a story |some people might find the video |length of time make the video shorter so |
|of what could happen in the real world if |inappropriate as it says the quote ‘get |that no one would get bored easily half |
|things got out of control on the online |naked’ they might at that point switch the|way through as its 4 minutes long which is|
|cyber world. |advert off therefore the message of the |quite a long time to watch an advert. They|
| |video will not be in their heads they |could make the time length 2 minutes. |
| |won’t know how bad online bullying can | |
| |get. | |
|Another good feature is the dramatic music|A bad point of the video is that at the |An improvement for the advert is that when|
|in the background of the advert. When you |start of the advert the boy thinks he is |the boy thinks he is talking to a girl and|
|can feel something bad is going to happen |talking to this blonde haired blue eyed |his imaging what she looks like and it |
|in the video the music gets louder and |girl and it shows and image of her this |shows a realistic image of her this causes|
|more melodramatic when the video is |can cause confusion to the viewers because|confusion because at the end the girl is a|
|getting calmer the tone of the music |at the end when the boy wants to meet the |man which causes confusion towards the |
|becomes softer and quitter. |girl when they eventually meet up there’s |viewer to prevent this from happening they|
| |another man instead of the girl so that |need to say from the start that he thinks |
| |can cause confusion. |it’s a girl his talking to but on the |
| | |other side of the screen show the image of|
| | |the actual man he is talking to this will |
| | |create less confusion. |
|A final good feature would be the | Another bad point for the advert would be| |
|advertisement isn’t animated it is |that the time length is far too long some | |
|actually based in the reality of the |people might get bored and switch the |COULDN'T THINK OF ONE. |
|possibility that the chance of how risky |advert off to prevent this from happening | |
|and brutal the situation of online |they need to make the time length of the | |
|bullying can get. |video shorter like 2 minutes long. Also if| |