Subjective: Marriage and Jazmine James Essay

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Jazmine James
Your Moral Universe: Case Study

In the case of J, there are many factors to look at it. Honestly, since nobody’s actual life or health is in danger due to the birth of the illegitimate child, I would hope that J would allow the child to be born. There are many families who are either incapable of producing a child of their own, or open to expanding their family through adoption. Not allowing the child to live its life only because its conception was an accident seems cruel. J could give the child to someone in a better position to provide for and raise him or her, and still have a relationship with the child if she were so interested. Besides, even if J was to get the abortion, the doctor would have to notify at least one of her parents because she is not a legal adult. I am a firm believer that what’s done in the dark comes to the light, and even if she and her mother are able to keep the pregnancy and abortion from her radical father for a while, it will either come to the light in its own time, or eat them alive as they keep the secret. I don’t see that idea going as planned at all, but that’s just me. Last, I’d like to address the parents. I definitely understand that fornication and babies out of wedlock are definitely frowned upon in the scheme of religious life. I am not opposed to the parents, namely the father, rebuking the behavior. I am, however, quite concerned that someone who would claim to be a religious leader would so blatantly…