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Alicia Whiteley
Submission C
At least the Milk Duds are okay

When you have a father who is certainly a grease monkey , who has a need for speed and has two children, you know that those traits are surely going to be passed on to them. A young teenage boy and a young girl right behind him were a beautiful blend of the two rather intelligent adults so it is a little funny that the intelligence trait wasn’t quite caught up with them yet.

Stephon and Ally felt that it was much needed to pull out the golf cart and take it for a spin one calm afternoon with the sun gleaming its glory high in the sky. I might add that the golf cart was not a toy for the kids but it was part of the race rig and was used to tow the race cars to and from the pits and the staging lanes but heck, that didn’t matter one little bit to the two that took it for a joy ride.

“Stephon can we pleaseee ride the golf cart for a little bit?”

“No sis we better not, dad will get mad if he finds out.”

‘No dude I promise it’ll be okay! He’ll never know and afterwards we can do whatever you wanna do, like play with your hot wheels!”

“Fine Ally, and hey, no one needs to know I still play with those!”

With an ornery smirk on her face Ally ran out to the shop to jump on the vividly painted orange golf cart and Stephon was close behind her. As Stephon put the golf cart in reverse it screamed an obnoxious noise that it was made to make when it was put in reverse and Ally covered her ears in annoyance but forgot immediately about how annoying it was once they were off on their adventure.

They headed out to the little dirt road that wrapped around an even littler ponds right behind their house and they were headed towards something even bigger then what they were expecting. Stephon buzzed along the little dirt road making Ally laugh and giggle as the wind caught her hair. She was having the time of her life until she thought of something even more fun… she wanted to drive.

“Stephon I wanna drive now! I promise I’ll be careful!”

“Okay sis but seriously be careful I’m carrying precious cargo”

He grinned as he pulled the Milk Duds out of his pocket and Ally squeaked with excitement and jumped off and ran around the golf cart to the other side as Stephon slid across the seat on to the passenger side. Ally put both hands on the steering wheel and slammed her foot down on the gas pedal and they took off like lightning. Furiously Ally threw through the shrubs, up the little dirt hill, over the weeds, over any ant hill she could hit and all while Stephon sat there eating his Milk Duds and texting on his little flip phone. Ally thought she could suddenly get away with playfully swerving from side to side on the dirt road when all of sudden she went too far to the left and she had to correct herself. Ally grabbed the steering wheel thrusted it the other way and they flew right, as the sudden turn happened her foot got stuck on the gas and the turn completely took the golf cart with it.

Ally opened her eyes and realize she was laying in the shrubs on the dirt road and she jumped up quickly to see her brother laying in them right beside the golf cart.

“Stephon are you okay?” she ran over to him with her heart beating.

“ Yeah sis I’m all good I saved my Milk Duds!” as he stood up he had a death hold on his beloved box of Milk Duds, even a golf cart wreck wasn’t going to tear him away from those Milk Duds.

As recollection of what just happened came swooping into Ally’s head, she started to panic. She did exactly what she shouldn’t have and Dad was definitely going to find out. As the two pulled the golf cart out from the barbed wire fence, they discovered that the two front wheels of the golf cart were bent in towards each other and fear swept over Ally in an instant.

“You sure did it