Essay on Submit and Plagiarism Checker

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Once I submitted the article of “Lab Courses Go Virtual” by Thomas F. Edgar the results came back as plagiarism in progress. If I was the instructor due to the fact that plagiarism is considered as stealing, I would depending on the situation have to sit the student down and see what type of actions need to be taken towards him or her. If the situation was not too bad, with not many errors, I would place the student on probation so they will have time to sit down and think about their mistakes and practice what they need to do for this not to happen again. If the situation is worse, then I will have to dismiss the student from the program.

Once I grade the paper and send it through the plagiarism checker to get the results, I would explain to the student by them submitting someone else’s work they have basically committed a crime. Being dishonest about their school work will lead to nothing but failure. Other types of behavior that constitutes academic behavior would be cheating off someone else’s paper, allowing someone to copy your work, lying your way through a course, or even stealing others work. When writing a paper is good to right with a tone that invites your audience in to what you are writing. This will make them feel comfortable about what they are reading. You should disregard writing words in all caps so that they won’t think you are shouting and use the correct grammar and punctuation marks. If you get stuck or confuse on whether a paper is good or not, it