Essay about Subway-- Operations Management

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The Subway sandwich chain is the largest restaurant operation in the world, as determined by the number of locations. Subway has been gaining on other fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's for years. It’s smaller format costs less to open and operate than other chain restaurants and lets it squeeze into heavily trafficked locations places such as McDonald's might bypass.
In its clarity, simplicity, and achievability, the Subway restaurants have one of the best mission statements in the U.S. restaurant industry. The Subway mission statement is to “delight every customer so they want to tell their friends—with great value through fresh, delicious, made-to-order sandwiches, and an exceptional experience.” Rarely are mission statements
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Luckily, the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area has around ten Subway stores, so we can always get items from other stores if need be. Other small towns are not always so lucky. The importance of inventory also applies to meat products, vegetables, cheese, sauces, new supplies, and containers.
Subway always stresses the freshness of their ingredients. In fact, it is one of their biggest marketing campaigns. They advertise how all of their sandwiches never use greasy foods or fried foods. Each sandwich is made right there in front of you, and the way you want it.
Along with the freshness of the food, brings a challenge for Subway. This challenge that Subway addresses is that the meat, bread, and other ingredients that go into their sandwiches are highly perishable. They often require temperature-controlled transportation. The Cedar Falls/Waterloo Subways rely on Sysco as the distributor of their products. Both store and distributor know that because of the perishability of the items, speed is of the essence.
Inventory is documented through its computers. Subway relies on its IT equipment for proper and efficient communication between stores, as well as documentation and recording of their resources. We have a dependable IT network that maximizes uptime of the equipment.
With registers and point-of-sale systems at every location, Subways in the Cedar Valley and essentially all over, rely