Succeeding Beyond Challenges

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Taylor Petteway
Period 5
Succeeding Beyond Challenges Kayla is 18 years old and lives in a two bedroom apartment with her little sister and mom. They don’t have much but they always seem to make do with what they have. Kayla’s only 18 and has all the responsibilities of an adult and more. She’s a senior in high school and has basically raised he little sister since she was born. Her mother has a substance abuse problem and has been in and out of jail Kayla’s whole life. Where Kayla comes from wanting to go to college and making something out of your life isn’t the first thing people think about doing. She doesn’t want to leave her little sister behind and she doesn’t know how she’ll pay for college. Kayla had her whole life mapped out but everything took a turn when her grandmother died from cancer. Her grandmother was her support system, and she was going to help her pay for college and take care of her sister when she left. Kayla thought when she died there would be some money left for her and her sister. But they never found the will, so everything was given to her mother. All Kayla ever wanted to do was make something out of her life and now she didn’t know how to. She faced so many challenges but that wasn’t going to stop her. She asked her teachers to help her apply and find scholarships for college. But most of them said no and the ones who said yes weren’t serious about helping her. When she asked why they turned her down they either said because of where she came from or that she was just wasting her time because she wouldn’t get in. By this time Kayla was ready to give up. Everyone told her she couldn’t and she was starting to believe it herself. It seemed as thought that things kept getting worse and worse for Kayla. She kept reminding herself no matter what people said she had to keep trying. She applied to several colleges and ended up getting accepted to all of them. Now all she had to do was figure out how she would pay for it. One day when Kayla was at her grandmother’s house collecting some of her old things. She noticed her old toy box she use to play with when she was younger. She begin going through it and found an envelope with her name on it with a note attached to it saying read this when its time. As she began reading everything started making sense. It was her grandmothers will and she gave a copy to Kayla’s