Success in College Essay

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Success in College Adapting to the college life definitely helps a student being successful in college. Many students think of it as being on their own without their parents. College definitely requires less of your time which makes it easier to slack off. A key skill students need to have is self-motivation and good time management such as being able to prioritize. Having good study skills is also a good complementary skill along with time management. Also adapting to the new environment is also a big impact in being able to graduate. Many students are used to being in high schools with small class sizes and students might not know anyone in their class. If a student can manage to adapt to their new life and school then they will be successful in college. Everyone knows that student that waits until the very last minute to turn in assignments. Entering college from high school students see a difference in the amount of time at school. It is essential for students to be able to manage all the free time they have when they are out of class. Many students have also never had freedom so they use that time to go out with friends and basically enjoy their freedom. There is nothing wrong with it but prioritizing will help students get their work done before they can have fun. In college if you are able to have good study skills it will minimize their time used to study and give them more time to enjoy themselves. It is also important for students to get used to their new school. It is good for them to feel comfortable in the environment they are in so they are able to focus on school. Students might feel out of place in big classrooms and don’t get that much