My Study In The United States

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Success in the U.S
EDPS121 Essay
Ming Ying
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Who am I?
As for me, I have become an international student and study in United State America in a half year. The first thought about myself, which is my hometown. It makes who I am today. To be honest, as the only child in my family, I was kind spoiled by my parents. I indulged in this kind of atmosphere and got used to the carefree life. Until two years ago, one event changed me and makes me decided to study in United State America. Two years ago, my aunt was found having a cancer. Everyone in my family was shocked and depressed. I remembered the day I went to the hospital to see her. She was pale and thin like a piece of paper after a series of chemotherapy. At the end of that day, when I was lying on my bed, I could hardly fall asleep. My grandparents and parents overprotective me which caused my dependence on them. I could out imagine the life if I live alone. At that very moment, I told myself could not stay like this. I made up my mind to learn to be independent. Gradually, all my relatives noticed my change. They were surprised but happy. I like the way I am right now, a confident, positive and optimistic young man. After the event, I decided to seek undergraduate studies in America.
I become a student in UNL last year, this is the year I gradually realized who I want to be and how unique I am. Thanks to my country’s culture, it makes who I am, and I decide to experience the difference as much as possible.

My goals
I remember, indeed, how I was firstly attracted by the stories in a popular Chinese magazine “Business”, the story how each business man strives to their success in their life. I was inspired by this, and I want to develop an independent and self-reliant personality. I hope I can process broad cross-cultural knowledge in UNL. I can use the skills to help my career goals in China or somewhere. Just like these people in magazine, one day I can create a famous brand, to find my own business in future China, and now I am planning to obtain a suitable education in marketing in UNL. In the next five years in the United State American, I need successfully pursue my degree in UNL, then, I will seek graduate studies in the United State American. I hope I can study in a big city like New York or Boston. There are so many of opportunities and much of temptation in these cities. Which attracts me, it has features that cause people to come in. As an international student, since English is not my first language and I study in United State American, I hope I can maximize the opportunities of using the target language. Moreover, I plan to learn a second foreign language which I am not figured it yet in UNL. I hope very much to fulfill my career objective with the knowledge and experiences gained through study and