Success Interview Essay

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Success Interview
I interviewed Greg Kersgieter. He is the head athletic trainer for Oklahoma City University. He is responsible for management and scheduling of athletic events at the Freede Center. He oversees the athletic training department. He has been a trainer for 32 years. He has worked for Episcopal high school in Houston Texas, the Texas Rangers, Carl Albert High School and now at Oklahoma City.
His view of success is avoiding injuries by having a safer environment, quickly coming to make sure the athlete is comfortable, and making injured athlete’s time away as short as possible. Doing this ensures the best possible success for a team by having all athletes available. Keeping athletes as healthy as possible also helps ensure this because they are less likely to avoid injury.
He started in high school because he went to a big school, which means only the best athletes see playing time. He decided to pursue athletic training so he could still be a part of the sport. He wanted to have fun and since he could not play, he was still able to be part of the team in a big way. He also able to do everything the athletes did even though he was not playing.
He really did not experience any obstacles in his career except when he had a minor unemployment in 1994. He had fantastic luck and success. He started his first year of high school and the program offered him multiple scholarship opportunities. He received multiple offers from professional teams providing internships. Since 1993, he has won a national championship with some sport every year.
He went to college at Missouri Southern University, majored in k-12 Physical Experience, and minored in Athletic Training. He then attended the University of Central Oklahoma and earned his master’s in secondary administration. He took multiple classes during his college years and had to earn 115 apprentice hours in order to become an athletic trainer.
His best part of the job is the success. Helping the kids through injuries and working back towards their full potential. Knowing that he is protecting the kids from devastating injuries and possibly losing a career. Knowing that by doing that you are helping them get to their futures. Earning their trust in you by giving your all and being there no matter how small a pain or ache.
Worst part of the job is the time. It is an early morning, late evening, and weekend type job. When it comes to the sports you have to travel