Essay on Success Is the Key

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Andrea Rodas
JCP Is She Successful?

According to our conclusion on Gladwells definition on success: one can be successful when you have a goal in mind and when you take small steps to accomplish your goal, you’re just lucky enough if you actually achieve it. Looking at his conclusion on hockey statistics, every hockey player couldve been successful, it was only the ones mostly born in the months Janunrary, Feburary, and March that made it into the NHL. In Julias case, Gladwell would say she was successful by achieving exactly what she wanted. She had done all the necessary research on her own to get into UMN, she finished writing all her college essays, she asked for recommendation letters, and she had redone her entire application package. Sending in her application package and getting accepted to the University, you can say was all luck considering she created an entirely new name and identity for herself. I strongly agree with Gradwells definition on success. When you look at how far Julia accomplished her goals and how strong her emotions were when she went thru them you couldn’t argue that she was successful. By the way she handled things at the end, making herself seem like a totally different person and using the name “Jules Grey” I believe was all because of luck. Colleges couldve easily checked all of her background information but she was lucky enough that they didn’t. If they did, not only would she get into serious