Success: Loomis Chaffee and Technology Based Programs Essay

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The qualities I like most about myself are my perseverance, my great memory and my ability to do things well the first time. I am also very dedicated and determined. I’ll work on something until it is finished. This is why I am very good with musical instruments and technology based programs. Good memory helps me memorize many things. These things include music, foreign languages, my software and favorites on internet. I even remember some past stories I made. Ability to accomplish tasks the first time helps me get the hang of things. Also it is an exercise for when I forget to practice for violin or piano rehearsals; I can sight read it and the following week make up my practice. I like my dedication because I set my heart to it, I’ll do it such as studying for a test, practicing soccer or reading a long textbook. Even when something is very low chance happening, I will still continue until it is accomplished.

I am a scholar striving academic excellence, having a great interest in music and video making, and an individual who likes to serve the community and others. As an American who is fluent in Mandarin and about to finish French V by the end of the school year, I am on my way to becoming trilingual. Learning more languages allows me to open my mind to understanding different cultures. Often I link and compare them. I am modest and respectful of others perspectives and love to learn from new people and gain experiences. It does not matter if it was helping my school, doing community service, or working as a summer library volunteer, I felt good when I helped