Success: Love and Chief Joseph Mcminn Essay

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My Idea of Success Success doesn’t come easy, it’s earned. In my eyes, success is reaching a goal. Any goal; happiness, losing ten pounds, or getting that big promotion at work. It doesn’t always mean someone who is rich and lives a fruitful life, because on the inside they may be empty and alone. A successful person is someone who has the privilege to wake up every morning, and go do what they love, earn enough money to life a happy and comfortable life, and then come home to a family (or spouse or pet) who loves you. They may not have many friends, but the ones they do have a true blue and will stick around no matter what. They work for what they have, they love what they have, and they enjoy what they love. A person in my life who I consider successful is Chief Joseph McMinn. He fought his way through elementary school and high school on an Indian reservation, and pushed himself into the police academy. He then became a police officer, and soon after that the Chief at the Station. Children looked up to him, Elders respected him, criminals feared him, and his family loved him. He went out everyday and put his life on the line to keep his town safe… he went out everyday and did what he loved doing. In tens years I want to have graduated from college with a nursing degree. I’d love to be working as a home health care nurse or in a nice hospital. I would be living in a good area, with great weather in a nice home. I will be earning a fair amount of money, enough to…