Essay about Success: Meaning of Life and Right Mental Attitude

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What is the meaning of success? A level of social status, achievement of an objective or goal, or the opposite of failure? The answer is that success is all of these things and non of them at the same time. Success is something that varies threw culture, personality and values that one is raised from it's childhood. We could see a point of view about success from a quote by Thomas Jefferson: "Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

In my opinion their are three components for success: Setting your goals, enjoying your everyday routine, and getting along with people.

For one to be successful you must set goals in order to achieve your ambition. By setting goals you are clarifying what are your priority’s, self- expectations, and the compromises that your taking on your decisions. Having set your priorities means that you can compromise in what is more or less important for you and guide you to make the right decisions. After having set your priority’s and decisions to achieve your goal, you could expect what is with in your reality of achievement and what is unrealistic.
For instance, someone who has the ambition of being a rich CEO of a multi- national company and doesn't have the means to achieve this ambition this person is not setting a goal for him self. By desiring something does not make it in to a goal, like a child who wishes to be an astronaut does