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So you haven’t study like you should for your psychology test. And a classmate informns you that they have a answer key to all the questions on the test. Now, you need to pass this test in order to pass your psychology class. The answer key is in arms reach. What should you do?

Many colleges students everyday find themselves confronted with making ethical and moral decisions. In desperate times where right and wrong choices seems equally right. Using sound judgement and critical- thinking to make the correct choices; is key for a college student so that we don’t lower our standards or integrity. Furthermore, establishing a set of values or a value system is critical in order to achieve success and respect in life. Without a code of conduct the pressure to do something unethical or immoral can be unbearable and cause people to resort to negative actions.

In this paper I will be discussing college student reason when confronted with ethical and moral dilemmas. I will answer these three main goals with help of scholarly reacher: (1) How does one identify unethical and immoral decisions. What does that mean? (2) Does the effect of community service work on the Moral Development of College students ethics and morals;help in aiding to balance the demands family, career, school, and any other obligations. (3) How does strong ethics and morals equip a college student to succeed despite the odds.

For most college students school can seem overwhelming and the clarity to identify ethics and moral decisions can be challenging When making negative choices the victory that once seemed so close, now seems so far away. In order to beat the “Enemy Within” and achieve success no matter what.We must first know what is the definition of ethics and morals. And internalize what that means to us, so that we can find the balance we need to succeed. So let’s take a look at what Webster had to say about these very important characteristics.

In Webster dictionary “Ethics” is defined as: An area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior. A bunch of philosophy dealing with what is morally right and wrong. Now, when reviewing the Webster definition “Morals” is defined as: Concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior. Considered right and wrong by most people:agreeing with the standard of right behavior. When breaking this down we find that “Ethics” deals with the idea of what is Bad behavior and “Morals” deals with the idea of people’s expectations of standard good behavior.

Now, that we have defined ethics and morals. Let’s continue with an example of how a college student might approach a situation requiring an ethical dilemma. In this example, we will name the Student E for ethics (no pun intended) . After a long night of studying for an code of conduct exam.Student E is running on low energy, concentration and confidence. Aside from the countless hours of racking the brain and studying, Student E still has a hard time understanding the material.

The next day Student E feels unprepared for the exam. While walking in the hallway on the college campus Student E bumps into a classmate that informns her that they have a answer key to all the questions on the exam. Student E knows they need to pass this exam in order to pass her ethics class. She is both anxious, nervous, and excited. This could be her big chance to finally earn A on her exam and pass her class with flying colors. Now, the problem is that Student E concise has kicked in saying “ it would be cheating if I use this answer key and I could get caught.

On the other hand, I could fail this exam and fail the class." Without blinking, Student E decides to choose the latter choice. When time comes to take the exam, she is shocked to find that their professor had changed all the questions at the last minute and now this is total different exam then the one her classmate showed her. Now Student E found that her