Success: Personal Responsibility Essay

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No one really knows when or around what age a person typically learns the skill of personal responsibility. Yet everyone acknowledges that you sure as hell better have it down by the time you get to college. Why you ask? Well, every assignment necessary for you to complete, rented textbook with a return date, group project you have to participate in, or exam you have to study for relies on your ability to be personally responsible. “While families and instructors have some effect on a person’s success, each individual is personally responsible in his or her achievement in college.” (“Personal Responsibility and College Success,” 2012). College prepares pupils for their careers and the professional world. The values that you use and learn from throughout your journey to graduation carry within your personal life and future goals; essentially affecting upcoming decisions and the course of your career.
The fact that personal responsibility leads to college success is proven through its definition, what it means to me, and its relationship to college success. Responsibility is also known as accountability; both of which play a large part in everyday life. The definition of personal responsibility in and of itself is a guide to success in college. “Persons with personal responsibility do not wait for other things, such as people or luck, to make choices for them. An important part of personal responsibility is choice.” (“Personal Responsibility and College Success,” 2012). It is a substantial factor in succeeding in higher education and one's life and career goals.
Accountability is defined as “the quality or state of being accountable.” ("Merriam-Webster Accountability”, 2013). Being accountable is personal responsibility; in fact, both nouns interpret each other in many ways. Taking care of one self and being able to provide for one’s own basic needs are prime aspects of being personally responsible. Since accountability and personal responsibility go hand in hand, the two offer a wide variety of examples and everyday life scenarios. Taking responsible actions, accepting consequences and understanding that one’s actions affect others is being personally responsible.
Accountability and responsibility is different for each person; for some it may be as simple as taking care of one’s family. Or something a little more complicated, such as working and paying bills on time. It can be making the right decision in times of conflict. Or even an obligation to provide for your kids and give them a good life. Personal responsibility is being honest when a mistake is made and being mature enough to own up to it. Accountability is accepting consequences for choices regardless of the outcome or situation. Living an honest life, taking care of one’s children, being accountable for actions, and understanding the impact that is had on others is being personally responsible.
College success can be foreseen in an individual's future that possesses personal responsibility. Being successful in college requires taking all tasks seriously and putting forth full effort on all subjects at all times. Another requirement is being culpable for missed work and includes being accountable for late work. Dawdling when…