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Dear Students,
Welcome to the Success Seminars online modules and workshops!
A checklist is provided here for you to help ensure your successful completion of the modules and workshops.

Complete the self-directed module
Complete self-assessment/proficiency assessment; Save and Print Results
Complete and submit survey included in the modules; Save and Print Completion Certificate (A copy will also be e-mailed to student within 24 hours)
Prepare items/Do pre-work for workshop (if attending)
Attend workshop on campus (if attending)
After completing the Online Success Seminar and/or Workshop on campus, please complete and submit the Evaluation Survey. The link to this survey can be accessed on the Assessment pages located in each of the Success Seminar module tabs.

***NOTE: The module completion certificate survey is different from the Success Seminar/Workshop Evaluation survey. Please complete both surveys. ***
Please contact your faculty for further information on documents/materials you are required to submit for your course (i.e. NR101 Transitions in Nursing).

You should receive a completion certificate for each of the success seminars upon completion of the surveys, not the modules themselves. You will see the
"Completion criteria have been met" message highlighted in green at the upper right hand side of the survey page. A new window with instructions to print the certificate will open when you close the module. The certificate is a pdf document, which you can save as a file on your computer or on a flash drive.
Key points for printing the certificates:
- Use your "" e-mail when logging in the guestbook - certificates do not get mailed to personal e-mail addresses. You should receive a pdf copy of your certificate in your e-mail within 24 hours of completion. Please save a copy of the document, so you can easily submit in your NR101 course dropbox or print.
- You should complete the survey for each module to obtain the completion certificate. In some modules, the survey is not directly attached at the end of the module. You either will be directed to the survey, or you will have to go the assessment page of the module to access the survey.
- Check the box for the "Remember Me" button for the modules you are reviewing. This will allow you to come back to the modules you have not completely finished, and from doing the modules from the very