Success Without Going To College Essay

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Become A Billionaire: Without Going To College Most high school students automatically decide that their next step after graduating high school is attending postsecondary school, without considering other options. Many have achieved success without enrolling in postsecondary school, however educators and statistics have convinced students that participation in postsecondary is the only way to guarantee a high-paying job. The idea of this is ridiculous, as it is undoubtedly possible to succeed without a postsecondary diploma. The financial costs are also quite pricey, considering there is a huge possibility of unemployment post graduation. Postsecondary education is the most common route high school graduates take, but it is important to understand …show more content…
According to the Government of Canada, the average cost of a year’s tuition at a Canadian University is $5,772. If you multiply that by four years your total is $23,088. Also, keep in mind that the costs of books and course materials are not included in the tuition costs. How on earth are students expected to pay this amount of money. Not to mention the interests rates that come with student loans. This allows to can imagine why many postsecondary graduates are still in debt. According to a nationwide survey on Pew study, 57% of postsecondary students believe a college degree is not worth the financial costs. 75% of students stated college was unaffordable. Rachael Ray does not have a college degree and never went to a culinary school, but instead worked hard to create amazing dishes (Dittman). She made her way up, and now has a talk show, multiple Food Network shows, has been featured in magazines, and has written many cookbooks (Dittman). Ray did not have to spend thousands of dollars on a postsecondary education and instead worked on her skills, and worked her way into the culinary industry. A college degree is definitely not worth the cost if success is achievable without breaking student’s